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It is not possible to delete a prediction on Capped Sports.

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Capped Sports does not guarantee any results of our users predictions. Capped Sports is a free site like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with many, many users.

Capped Sports does not take any portion of revenue from subscriptions to a Capped Sports users blog, picks and analysis.

Capped Sports takes a 0% cut of paid access. If you subscribe to the blog, picks and analysis of a user on Capped Sports it is an agreement between you and that user. We don't monitor or profit from subscriptions in any way.

Capped Sports documents the analysis, and picks of Capped Sports users. Capped Sports provides a social, fantasy sports betting platform for it's users to compete against each other without risking actual money. Capped Sports provides odds, line moves and other info for sports bettors worldwide. Odds, line moves and all other information on Capped Sports is a best effort on our part. We cannot ensure the odds or other information is correct.

It is not possible to delete a prediction on Capped Sports.

Sports betting is legal in some parts of the world and illegal in others. You should be certain of sports betting laws in your area. If you are not certain of the laws regarding sports betting in your area you should investigate those laws.

All bets on Capped Sports are fake. There is no actual money bet or exchanged. They are fantasy bets in fantasy sports betting leagues or fantasy investment funds.

Total amounts for users on public league scoreboards and private league/strategy scoreboards are the result of a preset starting amount +/- amounts won or lost on fantasy bets. The accurate results of these bets cannot be guaranteed. Both Capped Sports computers and users can record results of bets.

It is not possible to delete a pick from the site. Some picks are public and some picks are private. A subscription allows one user to see all the analysis and picks of another user. Basically, If you have a subscription you can see everything. If an inaccurate score or result is reported please contact Admin.

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